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Moving Scams You Should Steer Clear Of

Moving process gives exposure to the most vulnerable and costly possessions that home owners may have. The reputable and professional moving companies would coordinate and work to ensure that these possessions are transported safely to the destination without putting much stress on the home owner and family members. But moving industry is no short of the scammers who usually wait for this ‘opportunity’. What they usually do is exploiting the vulnerabilities in order to get quicker cash in abundance.

The moving scams

There are three most common types of moving scams.

  1. Change in fee: Be careful if you are being offered a moving service in unusually lower price. Some of the movers may offer you service in very cheap prices. One your possessions along with the packaging supplies are loaded in the truck, they may double or triple the fee they originally proposed. Upon your refusal to pay, they might refuse to give you your belongings. It happens especially when you ignore to complete the paperwork prior to finalizing the deal.
  2. Bait and Switch: The costs of intercity moving a usually calculated with respect to the weight of your belongings. Some movers may tell you after moving that your possessions had more weight than what was estimated before. Hence, they would ask you to pay more in order to get your belongings delivered to you.
  3. Fabricated Charges: The mover may charge you for the things that are the part of every moving procedure. For instance, if you are asked to pay the driver’s fee or extra time spent during transportation, you have more likely dealt with a scammer.

How to avoid such scams?

  • Watch out for the partial contracts: The contracts that do not include every aspect regarding how will be the customer charged are definitely the riskier ones if signed. Make sure that the contract you are signing holds every detail such as taxes involved, price with the maximum weight the truck can carry, fee for every individual company member involved in the moving process and final price that includes everything. Contact the company in case you have any question.
  • Ensure that moving truck has registered company mark: Before your possessions are loaded in the truck, make sure that truck has the company logo on its container’s body. Furthermore, you will also have to make sure that company is completely traceable by the copies of contract documents you have.
  • Do the background research: Before you finally enter into a deal with a company, do the research on the background of that company. You can also ask the company representatives for the references. Online reviews provide ample detail about the credibility of a company but it’s better if you call the former customers and get their opinion about the quality of service.

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